Digital Forensics

We provide digital forensics services to identify the root cause behind security incidents for channel partners and their clients in UAE. You can rely on our Forensics experts to identify the root cause behind any IT security incident, be it deliberate or accidental by an employee or intruder into your system. We have helped many organizations, both big and small to understand how the security incident had happened and the method used by the attacker to intrude into the network or email system. We also provide mitigation advice to make sure that similar incidents do not happen in the future. Our forensics team has experience in handling cases related to Ransomware attacks, Email Compromise, Malware attacks, and deliberate data deletion to name a few.

Our team helps with Forensics recovery to get back any evidence or data deleted by the intruder. We also do Threat Hunting exercise to identify and remove hidden threats within the network.

We analyze IT security incidents and unusual activity in the client’s network or email system. Following a proven procedure, we find out whether an attack occurred, how the client’s infrastructure was compromised, and where the attack originated. If the client has been compromised, we help to close the security holes in question and advise on how to implement sustainable means of detection and defense against such attacks. The services provided will cover – but not limited to – the following:

  • Persistent threats or suspicious processes and activities
  • Email system
  • Security Breaches
  • Security controls
  • Network design and configuration
  • Internal processes and policies

Our digital forensics services are affordable to customers of all sizes.

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