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SoC as a Service

WatchTower 365 offers SoC as Service with integrated SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Behavioural Monitoring, Incident Response, and Forensics. It involves automated detection of threats using SIEM with 24×7 analysis and assessment of alerts by Security experts.

SoC as a Service is a Managed Security Services offering with industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to help secure your information assets in a cost-effective way. SoC as a Service provides customers with SIEM, Incident Response & Forensics without having to invest into any of these tools or technology. It helps you to strengthen the security posture of your organisation with a proactive response system. Watchtower 365 is a service that is fully managed, always functional, technologically advanced, constantly upgraded, and extremely affordable.


As a Managed Security Service, WatchTower 365 delivers a proactive managed cybersecurity solution. This is much more than Software as a Service and goes well beyond mere “alerting”. Watchtower 365 brings together Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security Monitoring, Endpoint Monitoring, Audit Assistance and Business Intelligence, making them operate as a single system. Further, in a time when threat landscape evolves and become sophisticated, it is not enough for your Cybersecurity to be “just functional,” it needs to be constantly aware and intelligent. In other words, it needs to be SMART and Watchtower365 aims to offer SMART 365 services.

  • Secure :- Constant & comprehensive cybersecurity
  • Monitor :- Efficient & reliable threat monitoring & detection
  • Alert :- Prompt and precise Threat reports
  • Respond :- Timely response to incidents
  • Troubleshoot :- Triage, investigate & report

Main Features


The SIEM platform provides real-time correlation of events generated from network security controls. Our security gurus will explain what SIEM is (and isn’t) and how to get up and running with it quickly and painlessly.


This process is a business process that enables you to remain in business. Specifically is a collection of procedures aimed at identifying, investigating and responding to potential security incidents in a way that minimizes impact and supports rapid recovery.


A complete and comprehensive approach to forensics is essential to any investigation. Using the most advanced cloning techniques to recover all forms of digital evidence, we accurately recreate past events so that you can take the appropriate action.

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