Heimdal CORP

Heimdal CORP

Fileless infections like Ransomware, Angler exploit kits, banking Trojans etc. are on the rise and a lot of organizations are falling victims to such attacks on a daily basis. Users get infected either by clicking on links/attachments from phishing emails or by visiting compromised websites. In many cases the users get redirected to malicious websites without their knowledge or the websites they visit may have been compromised by hackers. Traditional Antivirus software is not able to detect these attacks because these infections use advanced techniques like polymorphic behavior, anti-sandboxing, domain shadowing and encrypted communication.

Heimdal CORP uses Code Autonomous Protection technology to manage your network’s security. Our 3 key engines focus on mitigating vulnerabilities automatically, on blocking incoming attacks and preventing data leakage, while also detecting threats that antivirus can’t.Proactively blocks malware by filtering malicious Internet traffic, not by analyzing attack signatures in files or apps.

Effortless Patching and Installation

Spend less time on doing patch management and installing software. Heimdal CORP will take care of deploying software and updates, according to your settings. You can even choose the software version to install or patch.

Bird’s Eye Threat Management

Spot and mitigate infection risks, supervise how quickly your vulnerabilities are being removed and find malware through communication patterns – all in one Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD). Doing compliance and working with the EU DPA is also possible in the UTD.

Security Enhancement

Greatly reduce infection risks and enhance uptime. The unique client based 2-way traffic filter keeps drive-by attacks, malvertizing and malicious payloads at bay and blocks ransomware, while the Traffic Pattern Engine spots infections inside. A great add-on to signature and heuristic-based antivirus.

Active Directory option

Configuring and setting up is a breeze. Whether you are an enterprise, a SME or a SMB, Heimcal CORP can work for you. You can choose to segment your patching, attack-filtering and malware protection down to Active Directory group level.

Secure Access, Everywhere

The Heimdal CORP platform uses a login process based on 3-factor authentication and is powered by a cloud-based, always on infrastructure. This platform is geo-replicated and load balanced, with SSD drives for ultra-quick response times and zero service delay.

Best Security Addition for your Antivirus!

Antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Therefore, what we and they cover varies greatly. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network.

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