Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Universal employee computer monitoring software

Employee computer monitoring is an important component of enterprise security system and a part of compliance norms, specifically for employees with escalated privileges and those working with sensitive data. You can set up non-intrusive monitoring of employee activity on servers and PCs with enhanced access control to detect fraud, data leaks, and improper digital assets usage using Ekran Systems. Ekran System is a universal monitoring tool providing employee computer activity tracking for:

  • any end-point
  • any network architecture
  • any user privileges

The solution uses a non-intrusive monitoring approach which produces indexed video records of all user sessions on the selected end-points.

Employee internet monitoring

Employee monitoring software allows for effective tracking of user internet activity. It provides data on what websites were visited at what time, and how much time each individual users spent with each website.

Excessive internet activity can be detrimental to employee performance and poses a potential security risk for a company. Misuse of the corporate internet can also bring additional legal challenges. Thus, it is important to include the internet usage when you monitor employees computer activity.

Ekran System provides much more detailed information about internet usage than simple network activity monitoring software since it gives a full insight into how exactly employees are using their network access, including whether the website is actively interacted with or simply opened in the background.

Detailed metadata regarding internet usage can be viewed together with the session recording, allowing for easy searching and investigation of specific incidents, while several reports (including report on most visited website, least visited website, and general URL report) provide a broad overview of the internet usage within the company.


Ekran System employee computer monitoring software provides you several important benefits:

  • Universal coverage
  • Minimal impact on business processes
  • Easy in use when analyzing the video format
  • Multiple options for interactive analysis and reporting
  • Flexible and affordable licensing

Additional Ekran System features like Alert system and USB device monitoring close the gap of overall employee computer activity control and provide a basic incident response toolset.

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